Chevy Reaper Specs

The latest offering of the Chevy Reaper was introduced at last year’s National Automotive Dealers Association as an extension of the iconic and bar setting, Silverado. It has been contended by a variety of industry insiders that the vehicle features virtually everything that is needed to become an all-American truck. It is able to deliver consumers with an incredible amount of energy in addition to a redesign that took place for the 2015 model year offering.



The power behind Chevy Reaper is a Lingenfelter 5.8 liter turbo charged V-8 engine that is capable of delivering an impressive 550 brake horsepower. This amount of power will be more than enough for the truck to be competitive in regards to is closest automotive rival, the Ford F-150 Raptor.


The Chevy Reaper will find itself outfitted with Fox Racing Performance Shocks as well as a new suspension that will deliver a few more inches of travel for the vehicle. This makes this vehicle a hard truck meant for the hardest of truck guys. This is not a truck that is intended for a novice or a weekend warrior. This truck has been explicitly designed to fulfill every need and desire of a truck enthusiast.

The exterior of truck will feature of an exclusive design with styling information that includes an especially created hood. The design will bolster a number of particulars that are quite distinctive that will address the following: interior accent pieces door panel accents, a gauge package as well as the Reaper headrest. The truck set to sit atop 20 inch wheels and will have a particular Corsa exhaust fender flares and wide physique fender flares. Optional features that consumers will be able to choose from will include the Chevy Reaper graphic package as well as a frozen matte paint finish.

This is one truck that will exude masculinity through aggressive lines in a manner that is undeniably sleek and mature. There is a perfect mashup of modern and traditional with its design and it is certain to be a wondrous generation for the line.

It can be speculated that the interior will host nothing but the greatest and latest that General Motors has to offer. Features will include an impeccable infotainment system, navigation, keyless entry, a touch screen and more. The cabin features a design that is both expressly functional and supremely convenient for both the driver and their passengers. He center console is a very clean and sleek design that is positioned in a way that it makes the cabin appear more airy than it is. The passenger space is ample and delivers all with an incredible amount of comfort.


The new Chevy Reaper was released early this year and carries a base price tag that is in the range of $50,000. This is a vehicle that has no real competition within its segment other than the previously mentioned Ford Ranger. No different than any other Silverado, the Reaper will command not only the roads but also the market within its class. Nothing is truly standing is its way, and after decades of waiting, those that truly love trucks will have an offering that will truly and dually impress.



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