2015 Chevy SS Review

The 2015 Chevy SS is ranked number two out ten most affordable large-sized cars. The car has impressed everyone for being athletic in its handling and strong in its acceleration. Its cabin is also very upscale and very impressive. With a V8 engine to power it up, the new 2015 Chevy SS is able to accelerate very quickly. The engine is coupled to a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. Critics point out that it is a bit sluggish when downshifting.


When taken on a test drive the Chevy SS for 2015 has showed itself to be very athletic in its handling and the steering responds well while the body motion is very controlled through turns. The best part is that it offers a very comfortable ride even when driven on rough roads.

The cabin of the 2015 Chevy SS features design that is both upscale and attractive and the materials used are no less impressive. The front seats in particular offer good support and are quite spacious at the same time. Even in the back there is plenty of legroom for passengers. The trunk is also very spacious and inside the cabin it has all the regular trappings that one associates with a GM vehicle. There is for example Bluetooth and an excellent audio system as well as rearview camera, and more.


The V8 engine provides excellent grunt and the throttle responds equally well and the engine makes all the normal noises associated with a V8 engine. The six-speed transmission is good though the clutch pedal is a bit heavy. However, the pedals are spaced very nicely. The other impressive aspect is its low fuel economy. It is estimated that despite a strong V8 engine, this Chevy is still able to perform 14 miles per gallon in city conditions and 21 miles per gallon on the highway with auto transmission.


The special suspension used in the Chevy SS provides a very user-friendly experience. It may have been built in Australia but it is still very American. The grille in particular points to its heritage and the V8 under the bonnet offers another example of its Americanism.

Some people call the 2015 Chevy SS a budget version of the BMW M3. The latter costs more and produces a little more horsepower than the SS. However, it is a bit heavier but you will not think of it as being an overweight beast when you take it on the roads. Essentially, it is a simple machine with a powerful motor and rear-wheel drive that allows you to drive as hard as you want to. All in all, this is a wonderful full-size car to drive and it is also equally good looking though some say that it has a bit too much chrome on it.


GM has not yet announced the release date of the 2015 Chevy SS but it may be released in the second half of 2015. The new Chevy SS 2015 should be available in the market in the early part of 2015. The company has not yet provided exact details about the price but the present model costs about 45, 770 dollars and it should be in that price range as well.



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